Party Bus Game Ideas

6 Fun Party Bus Game Ideas for your Party

If you are planning a party on a party bus, then you definitely want to make it more fun and memorable. You must be wondering what games or activities you can have on the party bus that can make the experience a once in a lifetime one. Well, worry no more, below, we have listed several party bus game ideas that you can consider the next time you hire a party bus for a birthday or bachelorette party.

License plate games

Most of us played this when we were young and went for road trips with family members. Write down a list of states and give each person the list to check off a state when they see it be passed or pass. You can add a little twist by having the people in the party bus write down vanity plates as you drive by.


Statues is an interesting game. Use music to play this game. When the music starts playing, everyone dances. When it stops, everyone freezes and remains in a statue position. Whoever moves when the music stops playing gets kicked out of the game until the round is done. The victor will be the person who remains in the game.


What’s a list of party bus game ideas without charades? There are multiple forms that you can play charades. From using movie titles to songs to celebrities. You can divide your guests in the party bus into groups and have them compete against each other for points or have individuals play the game and have them accumulate points. Seeing your guests act out certain actions to help their team win will leave all of you laughing and create some memorable moments.

Karaoke sing off

We all love a karaoke night out so why not have the same in your party bus. You can divide your guests into groups depending on the number and give each of them a song to sing. If you have a screen you can play the lyrics; if not, you can have the teams choose songs that they know of and have them sing as you enjoy the party bus ride.

Two truths and a lie

Because parties also present us with a chance to meet new people, playing a game that provides you to get to know each other is something you should consider. What better way to do this than with the two truths and a lie game. Have each member write down three things about themselves – two of those should be true and one a lie. Let each team member read the three things they have written and have the rest of the group try to figure out which ones are true and which ones not.

The dare game

This is one common and loved game. Most parties – even in a party bus – will either have people of one sex or both. While a party bus with both genders can make the dare game more fun, you can still pull it out as a host even if all your guests are from one sex. Have the group write down a dare that they would want the host to do. Have the papers put in a box and then have them mixed up and flip it so that everyone has to pick a dare.

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