Party bus ideas in Chicago

6 Party Bus Ideas for Adults (Besides Drinking)

For most people, when you mention a party bus, the first thought that comes to mind is drinking. Besides, this has been the case in most of the movies that we watch that have some bit about a party bus. But is drinking the only thing that can be done on a party bus? Definitely no. There are plenty of ideas and things that adults, especially, can do on a party bus that doesn’t have to involve drinking only.

So, what are come party bus ideas for adults?

Themed Party

Before renting the party bus, consider having a themed party. For instance, if there is something particular that your guest loves, you could turn that into a theme and make people come dressed in that theme. Some ideas could be an 80’s theme, a pajama party, a favorite team party, etc. If you want to pull a successful themed party, consider what the guest loves and fly with it especially if it’s for a birthday party or anniversary.

Dance off

The best thing concerning a party bus is that it has ample space. What does this mean? You can comfortably come up with crazy ideas – safety considered first – that allow you to have a memorable time. A great idea is having a dance off. You can do this by having two different groups of people and have a wide music playlist that the teams can dance to and show off their moves.

Sing off or Karaoke

What better way to have fun in a party bus than have the team sing their hearts off? Besides, your guests don’t have to be John Legend or Ed Sheeran for them to belt out some awesome chords. The only thing that matters is that they all have fun. You can also plan for a karaoke and have them choose their favorite songs and sing their way into the night.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I know I am a terrible charades player. But that’s what makes it fun; the fact that you have limited time to figure out a work or action and people’s actions tend to be very funny and silly at the same time. You can choose to divide the group into teams or have them play as individuals. You can also choose whether to have a prize for the winning team or person.

Broken telephone

This is one of the most classic games that you can have your team play. Write down on a piece of paper several sentences that are both fun and interesting. As the host, whisper each sentence to one guest, and they do the same to the others until everyone has heard a chance. Then let the final person say out loud what they heard. You’ll be shocked to see how the message gets lost as it gets passed down.

Card and trivia games

There are plenty of team games that you can play on the party bus. You can opt for card games or trivia games. Remember, the more fun the games are, the more interesting the whole trip will be.

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