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The 4 Best Things to Bring on a Party Bus

Booze is one of the sure things that come to mind for most people when they are thinking of a party bus. However, there are lots of different other things that you can bring on a party bus besides booze. Renting or hiring a party bus is one of the sure best ways to celebrate certain milestones in your life such as birthdays, family reunion, and promotion at work among others.

This is based on the fact that you can customize the bus according to your own taste and preference from theme to food as well as music choice. Besides, party buses are usually ideal as they have enough room that allows you to try a lot of things. Now, if you are renting out a party bus with your friends or family, below are a few things that you can bring on the party bus if you want to create the best memories.

Music Options

As you know or might have heard, party buses are never complete without music. When renting out a party bus, you will need to bring an MP3 player and auxiliary cord and CDs for entertaining everyone that will be on the bus. Having different types of music will ensure that you are sorted for the whole trip and won’t need to keep playing the same songs repeatedly. As the host, it’s your duty to select the type of music you want as long as it’ll be fun and suitable for your crowd on the bus.


Party buses have some of the best lighting fixtures such as disco lighting and fiber optics coupled with luxury fabrics and materials that create a good party vibe. And while this is good enough, you may want to decorate it to your own taste and should, therefore, consider bringing your own decorations to customize the party bus. Remember to choose decorations that won’t require lots of work to decorate, remove and clean afterward such as balloons, banners, and streamers.

Drink Options

Depending on how long you plan the party bus trip to be, it’s always important to stock different types of beverages that will last the entire trip. However, depending on where you are hiring the party bus from, it may be important that you first ask the company if you can bring your own drinks to the bus. Once you have that out of the way, consider the crowd you have and what type of drink would be appropriate. If you are not too sure, have a mix of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Nothing beats having enough food and drinks in a party regardless of where the party is taking place. Planning for the amount of food you will need beforehand will ensure that you don’t have to make stops each time someone wants to eat. You can also have snacks and appetizers in case some guests would want to have a biting. Decide on your food menu depending on the preference of your guests so that everyone is considered. Also, remember to have enough bottles of drinking water for your guests.

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